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Sunshine Naturals Artichoke Supplement. Weight Loss and Liver Support. 60 Caps

Sunshine Naturals Artichoke Supplement. Weight Loss and Liver Support. 60 Caps

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Sunshine Naturals Artichoke capsules are formulated to strengthen your liver. Each capsule contains 250 mg of Artichoke, aid in lowered cholesterol level. The whole bottle contains 60 capsules with two serving sizes daily. The formulated capsules are natural extracts, supplements, and other compounds to support liver function and aid the body’s defense system. No addition of flavors, preservatives, and other additives. Made the laboratories adhering to strict standard protocols of safety and purity. Take a daily dose of Artichoke capsules and enjoy an active lifestyle with a healthy gut.

Benefits of Ingredients:

Artichoke: The green leafy vegetable is 100% safe and effective for liver health. A complete pack of nutrients such as carbs, proteins, minerals, antioxidants, and fibers, it maintains healthy cholesterol level. Low in fat and higher in fiber, Artichoke supports kidney function and regulates blood pressure. 250 mg of dry extract available in each capsule, helping you fill the gaps in your daily diet.

Baldo (Peumus Boldus): Another primary ingredient of Sunshine Naturals Artichoke capsules, Baldo, also known as Chile, delivers liver support by enhancing urine output and increasing the bile flow. Highly enriched with antioxidants detoxes the liver, aids in weight loss, and repairs digestive tissues. An overall supporter of liver and gut health incorporated into our capsules.

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