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Herbacil Tea Kit, Artichoke 0.88 Oz + Pineapple 1.76oz + Chamomile 0.88 Oz

Herbacil Tea Kit, Artichoke 0.88 Oz + Pineapple 1.76oz + Chamomile 0.88 Oz

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This convenient combo is made for the customer who likes not only to relax drinking a good quality tea but also enjoys having a delectable variety of flavor and essences.
- Herbacil Artichoke Tea 25-Bags - 0.88oz:

When you take this tea, you will be ingesting a drink that is rich in folate, vitamins A, B1 and C, and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc and dietary fiber. Add one tea bag Artichoke Tea per cup of boiled hot water; let it brew for 3 minutes. You can sweeten with sugar or honey.
Product UPC 714706906428.

- Herbacil Pineapple Tea 25 Bags -1.76oz:

Drinking pineapple tea is an excellent way to eliminate excess water in your body, along with various other impressive health benefits. The most impressive benefits of pineapple tea include its effects on the following: weight loss, improving the mood, relieving anxiety, boosting the immune system, improving metabolism, reducing inflammation, preventing premature aging, preventing chronic diseases.
Product UPC 714706909276.

- Herbacil Chamomile Tea25-Bags - 0.88 Oz:

A tested and true natural remedy. Chamomile Tea ward off the maladies that plague your daily routine, such as allergies, and minor aches. Herbacil Tea provides an excellent blend of soft flavor, pleasant scents and sweet relief.
Product UPC 714706905483.

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