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Anamu, also known as "Guinea Hen Weed", is a herb that was traditionally used in the Amazon rainforest and the tropical areas of the Caribbean, Central and South America and Africa. Its botanical name is Petiveria Alliacea. In Jamaica, it has several names such as Guinea Hen Weed, Guinea Hen Leaf, Garlic Weed or Gully Root. Anamu, has a long history of use in herbal medicine in all the countries where it grows. Herbalists and natural health practitioners have used Anamu in the past as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory remedy.

Anamu has been shown to cleanse the prostate from impurities, and it was a traditional remedy for cold symptoms and other respiratory issues. Graviola is rich in fiber which means that when you consume it regularly, you can expect regular bowel movements. It has a lot of excellent properties that are necessary to keep your immune system strong. These properties kill free radicals and ensure your immune system is at optimum health so it can effectively perform its functions such as warding off diseases.

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