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EDX - Roller Massage Stick

EDX - Roller Massage Stick

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TARGETS PRESSURE POINTS: Self-massager assists in easing pains, cramps and knots. Grip both handles and roll on affected areas with pressure to increase blood flow, relax achy joints, deep tissue tension and stiff muscles.

IMPROVES CIRCULATION: Use before or after workouts, running, cycling or any fitness routine to feel rejuvenated and gain benefit from a smooth massage. Great for both the beginner and pro athlete and fitness enthusiast.

SOOTHES SORE MUSCLES: Nine independent rollers move smoothly and freely allowing you to control pressure to targeted areas. Breaks up muscular adhesions after any exercise to reduce the risk of injuries and works on cellulite.

HANDHELD NON-SLIP HANDLE makes it easy to grip, ensuring comfort and stability while in use. Wrist strap makes it a breeze to carry and transport with you to the gym, classes or when traveling.

BODY MASSAGER works on your neck, back shoulders, arms, legs, thighs, hamstring, calves for relief all over!.
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