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EDX Neoprene Fitness Belt with Pocket. Waist Trimmer

EDX Neoprene Fitness Belt with Pocket. Waist Trimmer

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WORKOUT AB BELT is adjustable to 40 inches in length and 10 inches wide. Made of neoprene with double edge stitching. Band retains the heat in your core area and increases sweat levels to provide more productive results. One size fits most.

BACK LUMBAR SUPPORT: Helps relieve lower back fatigue and pain. Adjustable and stretchable fabric provides a more comfortable experience, stays secure and provides the support needed.

WEIGHT LOSS AB BELT should be used for aerobic exercises, including jogging, biking, walking and anaerobic exercises for body building and muscle strength like weightlifting, gym machines and more.

REPELS MOISTURE absorption and limits slipping and bunching up while exercising, so you can concentrate getting the best results from your routines.

CREATES BODY SAUNA: You will sweat more during workouts which in turn means faster and more effective weight loss and waist trimming. Wearing a workout belt aids in shrinking belly size.
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