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EDX - Foot Roller Massager

EDX - Foot Roller Massager

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REFLEXOLOGY – ACUPRESSURE: Massager reduces soreness, muscle aches and tightness from toes, ball of feet to heels.

HOT THERAPY is used to increase circulation and blood flow. Place in hot water or bath to heat. Roller stays warm for 20 minutes.

COLD THERAPY is used to reduce inflammation and swelling. Place in freezer to chill. Stays cold and maintains temperature for 20 minutes.

KNEADING A FOOT MASSAGE: The raised dots on the surface reach pressure points to immediately relieve tension. Made from PVC.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN contours to your arch and remains steady and stationary when your roll it. Perfect to relax with at home or work. Take with you anywhere! Great gift for those on their feet all day!
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