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Dove Beauty Cream Pink 2.53 FO. Pack of 12

Dove Beauty Cream Pink 2.53 FO. Pack of 12

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What does beautiful skin mean to you? Softness? Radiance? Smoothness? Luckily these things are possible for all of us – all you have to do is give your skin the best care you can, with the best moisturising cream you can find. And what makes the best moisturising cream? Nourishment. So we designed Dove Beauty Cream to be full of it. With a rich moisturising formula, Dove Beauty Cream nourishes skin to leave it looking and feeling beautiful.

Rich doesn't mean heavy though – this lightweight moisturising cream leaves no greasiness or oily residue behind – so it’s perfect for all skin types, including oily skin. Use it day and night and smooth, soft, silky skin will be yours. Beautiful.

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