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Dermisa Brightening Cream 1.5 Oz / 42 g. - Pack of 3

Dermisa Brightening Cream 1.5 Oz / 42 g. - Pack of 3

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The Dermisa Brightening Cream is specially formulated with unique conditioners to enhance softness and feel. This cream helps promote more even looking skin tone and will help reduce the appearance of dark skin spots. Our formula helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and promote the appearance of more even skin tone. Does not contain bleaching ingredients. Due to its natural ingredients, product may darken over time when exposed to air but product effectiveness will not be harmed. Close cap securely after each use.

How to use: Cleanse skin with Dermisa Brightening Bar, warm water and pat dry. Apply cream to dark skin areas (can be used on face, hands, arms, chest, bikini area, elbows and knees) twice a day (morning and bedtime). When outside always use a sun block with a minimum SPF 30.
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