Colageina 10 revitalizes your body from the inside out, allowing collagen to be absorbed more easily.
Promotes elasticity and hydration of the skin, giving it a more youthful appearance. Smoothes the skin and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, reducing the signs of aging.
Colageina 10 helps maintain the health, strength and beauty of hair, eyelashes and nails.
Use it as a supplement to your diet, it is the best way to ensure a healthy and firm body, as it contributes to muscle recovery and joint lubrication.
The Colageina 10 formula includes nutrients such as keratin and vitamin C, which, by combining their properties with those of Hydrolyzed Collagen, increase the growth of hair, eyelashes, and nails.
Our product is excellent in assisting you in revitalizing and improving the overall health of the body. We created Colageina thinking to enhance your natural beauty!

Packaging may Vary

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