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Ardell Professional Remy Lash 778 Eyelashes. Medium Length, Feather Look. 1 Pair

Ardell Professional Remy Lash 778 Eyelashes. Medium Length, Feather Look. 1 Pair

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Featherlike, Mid-Length Lashes: Each strand is extraordinarily tapered and curled gently making the lashes move silkier and blend seamlessly with your natural hairs. They come in medium length and are stuffed together with more fibers to make a thicker lash line effect. Give your lashes the kissing curl they deserve and make the right move for your lashes with this beaming look without looking too dramatic.

Crisscross, Clustered Design: This cluster-style false eyelash is oh-so perfect for making people look at you, perhaps in surprise! Boasting in with semi-huddled and crisscrossed fibers that deliver a natural yet more exciting vibe to your lashes. Effortlessly create a combination of rendezvous and spaces that ends with you getting that gorgeous set of eyes! The style lets you easily cut and customize the stripsto fit your eye best!

Gorgeous, Flared Lash Style: The hairs are longer at the outer corners and shorter at the inner corner to give you that wide-looking effect and create a depth effect. This style elongates your eyes making it easier to pose a sexy feline flick. Plus, all fibers are permanently curled - no mascara nor curlers needed!

Fail-Safe, Clear Lash Band: Stays clean and pristine until you remove them! These faux lashes are made with Ardell’s signature Invisiband® making each strand look natural. You have to try it to see how it blends with your genuine hairs. Delivers an unblemished transition between your lids and your lashes - less covering up and more time living! They're the lashes that never make you choose between looking genuine or stylish!

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