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Ardell Professional Eco Lashes 450 Eyelashes. Lightweight and Organic. 1 Pair

Ardell Professional Eco Lashes 450 Eyelashes. Lightweight and Organic. 1 Pair

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Feather-Like, Super Light Volume: Nothing says "natural" better than this very light pair of strip lashes. The fibers are ultra-fine, soft to the touch, and were designed to help bring out a natural look. Fashioned perfectly to not cause discomfort. You can stay all lashed-up for hours without discomfort or needing to do touch-ups! Whether you're looking for a bold daytime look or a softer nighttime look - these lashes can do it all! Why choose between a natural and stunning look when you can have both!

Staggered, Short-Length Fibers: Made with short, cute fibers to brighten the eyes with a gorgeous mix of short and densely clustered lashes. The graduated 'spikes' on the lids create a moderate messy but lash-o-holic effect adding intensity without changing your look! These soft wingtip lash fibers are perfect for almost all shapes and virtually any lash line!

Wider and Rounder Lash Style: The long fibers are in the center while the shorter ones are on the inner and outer corners. This design can emphasize you're natural eye shape to make your outer corner lashes look wider and open. Turn your small eyes into big ones in a matter of seconds by perfectly placing them on your eyes! A quick fix for creating a youthful and playful lash look!

Sustainable, Reusable Packaging: How about some dashing eyelashes without compromising your love for Mother Nature? These Ecolashes are made from 100% sustainable fibers sewn together to an organic cotton band. Testing and production never involve any animals in the process! There’s absolutely no harm. The packaging comes uses recycled materials and is t printed with non-toxic soy ink. Making them much more eco-friendly than other shop-bought lashes. With these luxe lashes on, you can feel guilt-free - so go ahead and get it all out in the open!

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