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Ardell Professional 3D Faux Mink 858 Eyelashes. Layered and Lightweight. 4 Pairs

Ardell Professional 3D Faux Mink 858 Eyelashes. Layered and Lightweight. 4 Pairs

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Multi-Layered Lash Design: Put on a pair of the Ardell 3D Faux eyelashes and feel the difference! Enjoy sinfully soft faux mink fibers that flutter seductively with each flirtatious look. It has never been this easy to get dramatic, multi-dimensional lashes.

Fine, Black Tapered Tips: Be cool and confident with lashes that are light and charming. It feels like they are barely there. Party all night long in lash heaven! The feathery effect is stunning and luxurious. These lashes will make you feel magical. Super soft faux mink lash fibers taper to a fine tip for a refined natural look. Always Soft and beautiful – Gorgeous lashes without that heavy feeling.

Slightly Rounded, Lash Style: Your natural lashes will thank you for not constantly tugging on them when you reach for this gorgeous pair. This strip lash has a slightly rounded lash style perfect for making a sunny statement and creating an alluring illusion that enhances your natural beauty. The fibers are arranged in a crisscross design to create a beautiful mess you will love!

Secure, Knot-Free Invisiband: Get a hold of the real deal. The strip lashes feature Knot-Free Invisiband lash bands that make your final lash look natural and clean. An undetectable lash band no one will be able to spot. Keep it a secret you are wearing false lashes. Lets you create the most natural look possible that's perfect to complete any look.

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