Zorritone Dietary Supplement offers you an advanced formula with a refreshing, fast-acting mint flavor that aids in controlling and suppressing annoying cough. It is enriched with vitamins A and D, an excellent resource to fortify your immune system against the cold and allergy seasons. Our remedy also helps minimize symptoms caused by cold.
Experience the ease that only Zorritone can give you on those nights where your cough does not allow you to sleep! Our mint formula has active ingredients to promote a therapeutic effect. They will help you feel immediate relief.
Zorritone Syrup lets you treat various upper respiratory conditions; our product is incredible to refresh your throat when it is irritated by pollution and temperature changes. Shake well before use. Measure with the measuring cup provided. Feeling better is in your hands!
Our syrup aids you with a sore throat providing you with a pleasant and fresh breath. Experience the satisfying sensation of stopping coughing with our potent cough relief syrup!

Packaging may Vary

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