Success by Donald Trump Cologne. Aim to impress when you wear Success for men whether you're dressing for the office or playing the field.
Pair this distinguished mixture with a dapper business suit or formal tux and tails. Success succeeds at enhancing your image no matter the occasion.
Success for men is a fresh, woody fragrance with touches of spice. It begins with top notes of juniper, red currant, and coriander. Its heart is a fragrant, green combination of geranium, ginger, and bamboo leaves. Its woody, earthy base is an appealing blend of vetiver, tonka bean, birch wood, and musk. A great choice for professional settings, it has moderate longevity and sillage and a clean, refreshing nature. Although this fragrance shines in a professional atmosphere, it can be worn for any occasion. It’s an equally appealing choice for a special evening out or a casual weekend with friends and family. This high-quality cologne is a must-have for those who enjoy green, earthy scents blended with spice.

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