Tempting Paradise by Sofia Vergara is a summery fragrance, a fresh and exotic floral-fruity one.
Inspired by a tropical paradise, it includes flavors of exotic fruits such as Colombian lulo fruit (Solanum quitoense), guava blossom and coconut. The composition is signed by perfumer Laurent Le Guernec who was inspired by the sensual aspect of Colombian women and lulo fruit.
"Sweet and alluring, the juicy Lulo fruit sparkles as the Magnolia blossom softly teases it’s sultry floral notes.
The luscious narcotic scent of the Guava Flower captivates your senses, intertwining with fresh coconut water that delicately kisses the skin. Seduced by the caramelized Musk, it gently whispers to the irresistible creamy Sandalwood.
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