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Pomada de la Campana, 2.6 Oz

Pomada de la Campana, 2.6 Oz

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Dr Bell's Pomade (Pomada de la Campana) cleans, softens and protects the skin. It helps reduce the effects of melasma and other skin conditions. If you've got skin that needs to be softened, and protected, Dr. Bell's pomade is the right for you. It will do wonders for you complexion or wherever you happen to be in need of a great working, fast and effective pomade. Say goodbye to dry skin with this one-of-a-kind pomade that will leave you looking and feeling grand, at a great price. Dr Bell's Pomade does wonder when combating and trying to reduce the effects of melasma and lots of other skin conditions. This pomade gets rid of dry skin, and has a time proven, technologically superior ability of doing it.

Ingredients: Petrolatum, Zinc oxide, Liquid paraffin, Fragance, Allantoin.

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