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Mirta De Perales

Mirta de Perales Collagen Biotin Shampoo + Conditioner + Repair Mist Set

Mirta de Perales Collagen Biotin Shampoo + Conditioner + Repair Mist Set

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Excessive hair loss is due to different origins; independently of the various causes, there are several ways that considerably help to detain the thinning process. This Mirta de Perales Collagen and Biotin set deeply cleans and activates the circulation of the scalp, which helps nutrients and oxygen reach the hair root, keeping it strong and healthy. In addition, this treatment will help you eliminate dry hair and split ends.
Make sure your hair is actually thinning from the hair root and not from breakage.

Hair Conditioner with Colagen and Biotin infused with our revitalizing protein and vitamin blend.

Hydrates and Nourishes to transform dull, brittle hair into fuller, younger looking hair.
Combats frizz, enhances shine, improves elasticity and natural bounce.
May be used on color or keratin treated hair.
Product UPC: 031232122765


Mirta de Perales Hair Repair Mist. The combination of Collagen & Biotin proteins and vitamins helps restore the youthful appearance of hair, restoring hydration, controlling split ends, and controlling frizz.
Provides strength, body, and shine.
Product UPC: 031232162945


This Mirta de Perales Shampoo Gently cleanses while creating younger looking hair.
Enriched with Collagen and Biotin.
Deeply nourishes to help fortify from roots to the ends for fuller, thicker and healthier looking hair.
Enhances Hydration and Elasticity for hair that is strong, soft, full of volume and shine.
Protects against breakage.
May be used on color and keratin treated hair.
Product UPC: 031232111974

This set includes: One (1) Collagen Biotin Shampoo. 10 oz.
One (1) Collagen Biotin Conditioner. 6 oz.
One (1) Collagen Biotin Hair Repair Mist. 5 oz.

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