BURN MORE CALORIES WITH BODY HEAT: It's quick and simple - wear the Hot Belt, complete your workout routine, and see results. The belt raises your internal body temperature to make you sweat more, and in turn, burn more calories. Hot Belt greatly decreases water weight and releases fat toxins, leaving your body toned and strong. Flat abs, firm stomach, and inches lost are all within reach! UNIQUELY ENGINEERED DESIGN: No more embarrassing sweat stains and odor while you're working out. The Hot Belt's unique moisture wicking fabrication is designed to repel moisture, keeping you dry on the outside and comfortable for your entire workout. Better yet, the anti-microbial properties prevent bacteria build up so you don't have to worry about unpleasant smells. TAILORED FOR COMFORTABLE FIT: Whether you're athletic or not, you can still use shapewear to aid in your weight-loss goals. Made from 100% latex free neoprene, the Hot Belt has excellent stretch properties that allow it to move with your body no matter what activity you're doing. Its ultra thin fabric still has the ultimate thermal increasing properties, meaning it won't be bulky like other shapers. As a bonus it provides comfortable compression for good lower back and core support. ALL DAY WEARABILITY: The design is seamless and discreet, making the Hot Belt appropriate for in and out of the gym. It works no matter what kind of activity you're doing. Slip into the hot belt as it wraps around your abdominal area and is completely unnoticeable under clothes. Whether you're at the gym or not, you'll still be burning away those calories.

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