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Herbacil Artichoke / Alcachofa Tea 25-Bags 0.88 Oz / 25 g.

Herbacil Artichoke / Alcachofa Tea 25-Bags 0.88 Oz / 25 g.

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When you take this tea, you will be ingesting a drink that is rich in folate, vitamins A, B1 and C, and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc and dietary fiber.

Artichoke herbal tea helps to protect the liver and treat related diseases. It stimulates the liver function and the production of bile. Overall, it helps with liver insufficiency.
It is also a great weight loss tea, helping to rid the body of excess body fat and preventing water retention, through the urine while at the same time improving your digestion, soothing your stomach and lowering cholesterol and preventing its increase

Add one tea bag Artichoke Tea per cup of boiled hot water; let it brew for 3 minutes. You can sweeten with sugar or honey

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