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Grisi Manzanilla Chamomile Gold Shampoo13.5 FL Oz / 400mL.

Grisi Manzanilla Chamomile Gold Shampoo13.5 FL Oz / 400mL.

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If you want an easy way to use chamomile (manzanilla) to subtly lighten your hair, Grisi Gold Shampoo is your best bet!

Chamomile is right on top of the ingredient list, meaning there’s a relatively high concentration of it; this isn’t the case for other brands.

Grisi Manzanilla Chamomile Gold shampoo will not only clean your hair but it will brighten it. If you have dyed your it a brighter color, it will keep your new color in place looking like the first day you dyed it and it will make it slightly brighter in the long-term.

After using this shampoo just a few times, your hair will be noticeably (but very, very subtly) lighter and entirely natural. Also, use of the shampoo itself is great for the color of your hair.

It feels like any other shampoo that’s high in protein, so if you like products that use protein rather than silicones to smooth hair, this is good for you.

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