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Grisi Cream Savila Aloe Vera 3.8 Oz / 110 g.

Grisi Cream Savila Aloe Vera 3.8 Oz / 110 g.

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This Grisi Face Cream is ideal for Irritated Skin due to its Aloe Vera enriched formula which helps to soothe and restore the natural balance of the skin, after tanning and hair removal.

This Face Moisturizer by Grisi is helpful in soothing and protecting the skin from environmental damage through its amazing aloe vera extract.

This non-greasy formula absorbs in quickly and gives you all-day hydration for your face and body.

Formulated with natural and organic nutrients which restore the skin's natural moisture balance, plumping and hydrating the skin, filling in those fine lines and wrinkles.

Packaging and Ingredients may vary

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