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Germa Boric Acid Powder / Polvo de Ácido Bórico 8 Oz

Germa Boric Acid Powder / Polvo de Ácido Bórico 8 Oz

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Household Uses: Boric acid can inhibit the growth of fungus, making it a great wood preservative and defender in household furniture. Adding boric acid to your laundry load can help to remove stains and odor from clothing.
Health benefits: Boric acid has anti-arthritic properties that helps it promote bone and joint health. It also works as a natural and effective treatment for vaginal yeast infections and athlete’s foot. When heavily diluted with water, boric acid can be used to create and easy and effective eye wash for minor irritation or contagious eye infections.

Cosmetic Uses: Boric acid is a commonly found ingredient in topical products that treat acne and other skin issues, as it can help kill breakout-causing bacteria.

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