A man’s face goes through a lot. When it comes to creating the best facial moisturizer for men, Dove Men+Care knows that it needs to do more than just fight dryness, and that maintaining skin’s strength and resilience is important.
Dove Men+Care’s face and body creams are designed specifically for men’s skin as an easy, effective way to take care of their bodies – fighting dry skin and hydrating all day for skin that feels resilient.
Hydrate+ Face Cream, part of the Hydrate range, is Dove Men+Care’s best face moisturizer for dry skin for everyday use. Fast-absorbing, it provides immediate hydration that lasts all day long without leaving your skin greasy or sticky. It also helps to protect you from damage caused by exposure to the sun.
The result: hydrated, more resilient and healthy skin.

Packaging and Ingredients may Vary

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