The Dermisa Vitamin E Cream is a velvety NIGHT TIME moisturizer containing Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin E and Collagen and Elastin that is designed to make you feel confident in your own skin. As you age, your body slowly produces less and less Q10, a molecule crucial in the cellular development process. During sleep, our Vitamin E Cream reaches these essential molecules, allowing you to let your skin breathe while you rest.

Product UPC 766989000058


The Dermisa Hand Cream is a Vitamin E enriched complex that protects and moisturizes your skin. Creamy, silky, but grease-free, this balm penetrates quickly to improve texture and attain the soft glow you’ve been looking for. Capture the natural warmth of your hands with the Dermisa Hand Cream. This Kit is quite effective at softening and treating vitamin E deficiencies in your skin.

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