Supple and moisturize your skin with this Dermisa Soap Bars kit: Dermisa Glycerin Bar, Dermisa Oatmeal Bar and Dermisa Sensitive Bar.

The Dermisa Glycerin Bar is a vegetable-based bar created to showcase your skin in its own unique state. While lotions and oils often leave your face greasy and damaged, this product washes away all worry. Containing Aloe Vera to help moisturize and protect, the Dermisa Glycerin Bar gently cleanses your delicate skin.

Product UPC 766989000027


The Dermisa Exfoliating Oatmeal Bar is a 100% vegetable-based bar that uncovers the true beauty of your skin. Containing actual oatmeal bits, this bar gently lifts dry dull cells away and exposes your natural, supple skin. The Dermisa Exfoliating Oatmeal Bar was created to allow for a complete skin soothing experience. With glycerin to fight dry skin. Oatmeal leaves your skin feeling soothed. Oatmeal bits exfoliate dead skin cells.

Product UPC 766989000096


The Dermisa® Sensitive Skin Bar is a gentle cleansing bar formulated with a high level of Glycerin and Oat Extract that are ideal for delicate sensitive skin. This vegetable base bar contains Lavender Oil and Chamomile Extract which adds a calming and relaxing effect to your cleansing routine. Use on daily basis as necessary. Ideal for sensitive skin.

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