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Bedoyecta capsules 30 count

Bedoyecta capsules 30 count

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Bedoyecta Capsules is a multivitamin complex that allows you to obtain sufficient energy and have optimal performance during the day by avoiding deficiencies of nutrients that the body requires to function properly.
Bedoyecta contains B complex vitamins with folic acid in a solution inside gelatin capsules which, unlike solid forms, favors better absorption and bioavailability.

This supplement also serves as a treatment of neuropathies of nutritional and alcoholic origin. It is also recommended to people who present:

-Low back pain
-Muscle cramps
-Stiff neck
-Facial paralysis
-Alcoholic Beriberi (loss of appetite, weakness, pain in the extremities, shortness of breath and, in addition, swelling of the feet or legs)
-Wernicke's encephalopathy (harmful changes in the brain due to lack of vitamin B1)

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