Promex Ampitrexyl Drinkable Vials contain a combination of natural herbs and plant based remedies. This over the counter, all natural compound is a dietary supplement that offers an alternative to drugs; it promotes resistance to disease by using natural substances to boost the immune response. Promex Ampitrexyl Natural Antibiotic is a natural herbal dietary supplement. These natural ingredients do not have side effects and interactions that often come with drug combinations. The herbs and ingredients include Andrographis, Echinacea, garlic extract, propolis, citric acid, and burdock root. These ingredients have a long history of use in fighting disease including cold, fever and sore throat from tonsillitis. Andrographis has been widely used to treat fevers. It has properties that work with other herbs to reduce symptoms and promote healing. The combination aims to increase immune response and red blood cells.

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